Sunday, January 23, 2011

testing this out

Dear Sandy,
We still and always will miss you tons. Not a moment goes by that I do not think about you or wishing I could share the moment with you. Grace and Payton are growing so much, not only size wise but in every way. I see you in them every time I look at them. We push on through each day and they bring you up occasionally. I cannot imagine what it is like to be them and to lose their mommy. You were their lives through everything. I was gone for the Army for almost six months and it was you that was there for them. I went through the police academy for 10 weeks and it was you that was there for them. There is so much that you have done and it shows with how bright both of them are and how well they get along with each other. I try to think of how you would do things with them and do it that way. I know I could never be as good with them as you were. We read every day even if just for a little bit. Grace has already read the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and is almost done with the third. You had so much patience with them through every thing and I have definelty gotten better with that. Payton is getting signed up for t-ball this year and Grace is going to play as well. They are both excited. I am also going to get Grace back in gymnastics. She talks about it all the time. I love you sweet sweet Sandy and would give anything for you to be back with us.

Love always,


ps. this blog was shut down for a little while by google because they said they detected suspicious activity. I don't know if that means someone has hacked it or what, but it should be taken care of now.


Patti Steelman said...

Love you Andy.I know Sandy is watching and smiling!

Maryann said...

Hi Andy! I've been keeping you, Peyton and Grace in my prayers. Hope you had a great Christmas with family & got to take that hospital wellness tour upon your return. Sending hugs your way. Maryann

Poh Ai said...

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